Jane Yates Oxford Artist

MY ART – about me

My name is Jane Yates I have painted all of my life. But stopped for a couple of years as my focus shifted to working most days doing fulltime semi skilled work and growing vegetables on my allotment. However after accidentally cutting a tendon by moving glasses at work. I could hardly do anything for a few weeks. Even opening a jar was impossible. When my hand started to recover, I started to paint again I was pleased to discover that it gave me such joy. In a way the accident was a blessing as it reminded me I was an artist and there’s more things in life than just working every hour you can.

I am a huge fan of the artist John Paul Basquiat, below here is a painting I did inspired by his style and influenced by Covid. (I had put Covid 17 as you can see by mistake, but have since changed it to 19)

jane yates artist. Covid image inspired by  artist John Paul Basquiat

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I started a series of paintings of people with teapots. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the tea pot that they own. I told the people who sent photos not to smile but to hold the tea pot as if it was something sacred, like baby Jesus. Below is a self portrait, I chose birds for the back ground as I love garden birds and always feed them .

Jane Yates holding a tea pot, self portrait

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